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Thank you for taking the time to reach to us.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.  If you have a question, please do not be shy, ask away.  If you have some friendly information to pass along, awesome.  Anything you might know, please share.  Even if it is as simple as John Doe works at Some Business.  Or maybe he/she drives a white Ford car.  Maybe you know when they will be in town and we can stop by and welcome them.  Whatever information you might have, we want to know it.  One of the best tips we have had was something like this:

"(Name Removed) leaves for work around 7:00 am and takes these roads.  He leaves work around 5:00 pm and takes these roads home.  He drives this type of car.  He will be at his girlfriend's house (Address Removed) on Friday."

So please take a moment and share with us. Thanks!

Please fill out the following form.  Any field with an asterisk is required.  For the rest, just fill out what you can.  You do not need to leave your name or contact information.    

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