Instructions on using the search:

  1. Getting Started
    Please choose what type of search you would like to run - By City or By Name. The links are also to the right of the Warrants Search Title
  2. Searching The Warrants
    In either the city or the name search, you can type in as little as one letter, the starting letter for either the city or the last name.  Then hit enter or click on search.  Once the information is loaded in the table, you can click on details to get more information about that particular warrant.  If you would like to change the number of records in the table, please choose from the dropdown after you have started the search.  To sort the records either A-Z or Z-A for a particular column, just click on the column name once to sort by A-Z and again to sort Z-A.
  3. Do You Have More Information?
    If you have more information for the Sheriff's Office regarding a particular warrant, please click on the link "Warrant Information Contact Form" in the Contact Us row for the Detailed Information table. Please provide us with all of the information you can. The form will ask for your name, email address and phone number. These fields are optional. They are there if you would give us permission to contact you regarding the information you submitted, if we so choose. Again, that information is optional.
  4. And Please Remember ...
    The following information should not be construed as authority to take any action. Any information regarding any warrant should be passed on to the Will County Sheriff's Office at 815-727-8575, Sheriff's Office Crime Tip Form, or using the Warrant Information Contact Form from the Detailed Information for each warrant. No action should be taken on any information regarding individuals on the warrant list.

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