WCSO Police Blotter Week of June 25 thru July 2

By Kathy Hoffmeyer - Friday, July 06, 2012


6/25 Location:  Brandon Rd. and Patterson Rd.
 Summary:  Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Provena St. Joseph Hospital at 2:45pm regarding a 33 year old male victim who had been stabbed.  Victim stated while traveling west in his vehicle on Patterson Rd. and stopped at the intersection three male black subjects approached him and grabbed him around the neck.  The subjects told the victim to get out of the car and threatened to shoot him.  The victim refused and one subject began punching his head.  The victim then felt pain in his left arm and grabbed his wallet and threw it to a subject who was leaning inside the passenger side window.  The victim stated he had gotten paid this day and had $1400 in his wallet.  The victim then drove away and stated that he possibly struck the third subject with his vehicle.  The victim sustained four 1” cuts to his left arm and his neck and head were sore.

 Location:  800 block of Hermans Lane
 Summary:  A woman stated that between November 2011 and May 2012 she wired 10 transactions in excess of $60,000 to an individual in London, England whom she believed was going to come to Joliet to marry her.  She now believes it was a scam.

 Location:  -100 Cherry Hill Rd.
 Summary:  Person/s unknown entered an unlocked vehicle and stole a radar detector, BMX bike, and a registration card.

 Location:   Root and Weber Rd.
 Summary:  Daniel N. Cooley, age 37, of 516 Kungs Way in Joliet was cited for operating a vehicle with suspended registration.

6/26 Location:  1400 block of Brown Avenue
 Summary:  37 year old female victim stated that she was awaken at 7:30am to find an unknown male Hispanic about 16 to 18 years old standing over her.  The subject stated to calm down and asked where Brianna was.  The subject then ran out and left on a bicycle.

 Location:  1000 block of Ridgewood Avenue
 Summary:  Person/s unknown attempted to break into a residence.  All door locked had been damaged.

 Location:  S. Larkin and McDonough
 Summary:  Estella Wofford, age 48, of 460 Pennsylvania Avenue in Aurora was cited for operating an uninsured motor vehicle and operating vehicle with suspended registration.

 Location:  Caton Farm and Enid
 Summary:  Nichole Pyzynski, age 23, of 1721 Mystic Drive in Plainfield was cited for speeding, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, and driving on a suspended registration.

6/27 Location:  4th and Miller
 Summary:  Tamara Edwards, age 31, of 1110 E. Jackson in Joliet was cited for no valid driver’s license and failure to signal.

 Location:  2400 block of Burbank
 Summary:  Person/s unknown entered two unlocked vehicles and stole miscellaneous change.


 Location:  -100 block of Peale
 Summary:  Person/s unknown entered an unlocked truck and stole tools and change.  Subjects then stole a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix.

6/28 Location:  436 S. Briggs  Speedway Gas Station
 Summary:  Heather Randolph, age 25, of 123 Jessie, Joliet was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug equipment.

6/29 Location:  16925 W. Rosalind  Harmony Holiness Church
 Summary:  Person/s unknown attempted to gain entry into a garage.

6/30 Location:  111 Patterson Rd.  Cellar Nightclub
 Summary:    Victim stated she parked her vehicle in the parking lot at 9pm and when she left the club at midnight her 2006 Black Chevy Malibu was gone.

 Location:  436 S. Briggs  Speedway Gas Station
 Summary:  Employee stated a male black individual paid for his merchandise with a $50 bill.  When the employee told the man that it was counterfeit the man left the store.

 Location:  S. Chicago and Patterson Rd.
 Summary:  Penny Lyn Crawford, age 37, of 217 Bridge in Wilmington was arrested for DUI, illegal transportation of alcohol, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, driving on a revoked license, and a traffic sign violation.

7/1 Location:  130 Davison
 Summary:  Robert Guthrie, age 35, of this address, was arrested for battery.

7/2 Location:  Collins and Meeker
 Summary:  Sergio Guzman, age 33, of 324 Stone in Joliet was arrested for DUI, operating an uninsured motor vehicle and driving on a revoked license.


6/25 Location:  W. 143rd and Oak Trail
 Summary:  Christopher Galuszka, age 22, of 13521 S. Lost Boy Lane in Homer Glen was arrested for DUI and improper lane usage.

6/26 Location:  W. Oak Court and Oak Valley Trail
 Summary:  Michael Sweeney, age 46, of 16132 S. Twin Oak Court in Homer Glen was arrested for DUI, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

6/29 Location:  W. 167th and S. Parker Rd.
 Summary:  Mohammad Farhan, age 20, of 16218 W. Blackhawk Drive in Lockport was cited for speeding and driving on a suspended license.


6/26 Location:  7710 W. Kingston Drive  Frankfort Square School
 Summary:  Superintendent stated person/s unknown opened 13 gallons of silver roofing paint and threw the open containers onto the parking lot and the walking path.

6/27 Location:   7260 W. North Avenue  Summit Hill Junior High School
 Summary:  Two down spouts and a light sensor from the roof was stolen and a hinge to an electrical box was broken.

6/28 Location:  7705 W. St. Francis Rd.  Joe’s Tobacco and Cigar
 Summary:  Deputies were dispatched at 3:34am to an alarm call.  Owner stated person/s unknown stole a variety of cartons of cigarettes, cigars, rolling papers, and a laptop.  Video surveillance was being reviewed.

 Location:  209 E. Otto Drive  New Lenox  Autumn Ridge Landscaping
 Summary:  Person/s unknown forcibly entered the business and stole several pieces of heavy equipment.

 Location:  20000 block of S. Acorn Ridge Drive  Frankfort
 Summary:  Person/s unknown stole a gas powered concrete saw from an attached garage.

6/28 Location:  S. Cedar Rd. and E. Joliet Hwy  New Lenox
 Summary:  Two 15 year old females stated that while walking on Old Plank Trail at 11:30pm they were approached by three male black subjects who told them to give them their purses and cell phones.  When the girls refused they were pushed to the ground, choked and punched in the face.  One subject ripped the earrings out of one of the victims’ ears.  The girls were brought to Silver Cross Hospital with minor injuries.

 Location:  10855 W. 183rd St.  Mokena Fire Department
 Summary:  Between 6/18/12 and 6/25/12 person/s unknown damaged the water aerator pump in the pond by unscrewing the motor.
6/29 Location:  20000 block of S. Frankfort Square Rd.  Frankfort
 Summary:  Person/s unknown entered an unlocked vehicle and stole a GPS unit.     

6/30 Location:  7954 W. Lincoln Highway Sprint Wireless Store  Frankfort
 Summary:  Person/s unknown shattered the front door glass and sole six cell phones, a variety of phone accessories.  A full inventory was being conducted.


6/26 Location:  2850 E. Steger Rd.    Just Horses  Crete
 Summary:  Owner stated person/s unknown broke into two customers storage lockers and stole two saddles.  One worth $1200 and one worth $1000.

7/1 Location:  E. Richton Rd. and S. Torrence 
 Summary:  David A. Nolan, age 66, of 7022 Jackson Avenue in Hammond was cited for failure to yield at intersection.

6/25 Location:  15000 block of W. Delaney Rd.  Manhattan
 Summary:  Victim stated two dirt bikes driven by two white males drove a large circular track around his field causing about $1000 in losses.

6/27 Location:  24628 W. County Line Rd.  South Wilmington Sportsman Club Reed
 Summary:  Around 1am two male campers were walking to the washroom when they observed flashlights near the boat ramp.  As they approached the ramp they observed a dark colored vehicle with two white male subjects walking away from an abandoned camper with an armload of wood.  The subjects then spotted the campers and dropped the wood and entered their vehicle.  One of the male campers went up to the driver’s window and the driver pulled him halfway inside the vehicle, put the car in reverse, and dragged him about 10 yards before the camper freed himself.  The vehicle took off at a high rate of speed. 

 Location:  29000 block of S. State Line Rd.  Beecher
 Summary:  Person/s unknown forced entry into a residence and stole several pieces of jewelry.

6/28 Location:  13000 block of W. Carriage Lane  Manhattan
 Summary:  Person/s unknown stole a 2003 Cadillac STS from a garage. 

 Location:  W. Manhattan and S. Rt. 53  Jackson
 Summary:  Maricio Vazquez Mendoza, age 26, of 108 Iowa Avenue in Joliet was cited for no valid driver’s license and speeding.

 Location:  N. Rt. 53 and N. Vernon Drive  Godley
 Summary:  Michael Houser, age 24, of 705 E. Richard Court in Godley was arrested for criminal damage to property and battery after a 17 year old male victim observed Houser jumping on the hood of his vehicle and stomped the windshield out.  When Houser was approached by the victim Houser punched the victim in the face.  The incident was believed to be about a previous altercation that occurred last weekend.

Location:  N. Chicago Avenue and Spencer  Jackson
 Summary:  Denson Hogan-Berry, age 25, of 562 Dover in Joliet was cited for speeding and driving while license revoked.

 Location:  3195 E. Division  Diamond Shell
 Summary:  Person/s unknown pumped $63.50 worth of gasoline into their vehicle and took off without paying.

 Location:  3002 E. Division  Chrome Rack Bar
 Summary:  A female victim stated while waiting for a friend out in the parking lot a fight broke out between several unknown male subjects.  The subjects fell into her vehicle where a large dent was located near her wheel, and in the driver’s door.  Several scratches were also found on the side of her vehicle caused by the altercation.  Deputies also took a report from a 35 year old male victim who stated that he was battered by an unknown male subject.


 Location:   23000 block of W. Link Lane  Plainfield
 Summary:  Justin Ashley, age 18, of 23423 W. Link Lane in Plainfield and Chad Gazzola, age 19, pf 16045 S. Dan O’Connell Drive in Plainfield were arrested for three counts of aggravated battery after an altercation ensued with two 20 year old victims.

 Location:  Rt. 59 and Theodore  Plainfield
 Summary:  Juan Lopez, age 37, of 1706 Cumberland Drive in Plainfield was arrested for driving the wrong way on roadway, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, driving on a suspended license and DUI.  He was also held on an active Will County FTA warrant.

 Location:  21440 Franklin Circle  Plainfield
 Summary:  Julio Rubio, age 36, of this address, was arrested for aggravated domestic battery, resisting a peace officer, and criminal damage to property.

 Location:  S. Carillon Drive and S. Weber Rd.  DuPage
 Summary:  Rosa Murillo, age 41, of 20923 W. Boulder Drive in Plainfield was cited for no valid driver’s license, no valid registration and improper use of registration.

 Location:  23000 block of W. Aero Ct.  Plainfield
 Summary:  Person/s unknown stole a flatbed semi-trailer with 684 bundles of gray roofing shingles on 19 pallets.

 Location:  I55 and I355  DuPage
 Summary:  Jesus Chavez, age 41, 1002 Hildreth Avenue in South Gate, CA and Corey Reedy, age 41, of 15265 Danby in Villa Park, IL were arrested for delivery/possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

 Location:  Belmont Drive and W. Taylor  DuPage
 Summary:  Jose Beltran, age 37, of 308 Woodcreek Drive in Bolingbrook was cited for no valid driver’s license, operating an uninsured motor vehicle and driving without lights.

 Location:  24000 block of W. Easy  Plainfield
 Summary:  Person/s unknown entered a vehicle and stole a laptop, cell phone, and a gym bag.

 Location:  19000 block of W. Janet Avenue  DuPage
 Summary:  Person/s unknown entered an unlocked vehicle and stole cigarettes, a GPS unit, and a bottle of medication.


 Location:  Amherst and Princeton
 Summary:  Arthur E. Morgan, age 36, of 1310 Arthur Avenue in Lockport was arrested for delivery of cannabis under 30 grams.

 Location:  300 block of Dellwood
 Summary:  Person/s unknown broke into a residence and stole two flat screen TV’s and a Playstation II.

 Location:  100 block of Princeton
 Summary:  Person/s unknown caused damage to a vinyl sided home by shooting it with a bullet.  A 40 caliber bullet casing was found.

 Location:  Fairmount and Princeton
 Summary:  Willie E. Johnson, age 63, of 1332 Fairmount Avenue in Joliet was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug equipment.

 Location:  18000 block of W. Oak Avenue
 Summary:  Person/s unknown stole a 3 year old tan quarter horse and a saddle.  The horse is described as having a scar on its front left quarter and a 3 inch scar on the left side of its neck.  Loss value:  Horse - $6000 and Saddle - $500.

 Location:  Caton Farm and Oakland
 Summary:  Enreque Velez, age 24, of 321 Herkimer in Joliet was arrested for speeding, no valid driver’s license, operating an uninsured motor vehicle and improper use of registration.

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