WCSO Police Blotter Week of Oct 24 thru 31

By Kathy Hoffmeyer - Thursday, November 03, 2011








10/24   Location:  W. 159th and S. Parker

            Summary:  Andrew A. Amaro, age 37, of 11701 Ridgeland in Worth was cited for failure to yield turning left after his vehicle was struck by an oncoming car in the intersection.


            Location:  12000 block of Mackinac Road

            Summary:  Person/s unknown entered a garage and stole a long board skateboard valued at $200. 


10/25   Location:  13956 S. Bell Road                       Menards

            Summary:  John R. Sterba, age 26, of 740 Prairie Road in New Lenox was arrested for retail theft after an employee observed him leave the store with two framing nailers, a plant protector, a 10x25 lucid view bin, LED headlights, a pocket stowaway, two tipped tweezers, and a 3pk. of lighters. 


            Location:  W. 159th and S. Parker

            Summary:  Stevo L. Stojsavljevic, age 19, of 16154 S. Codo Drive in Homer Glen was cited for driving while license suspended.


10/26   Location:  14200 S. Bell Road                       Dominicks

            Summary:  Christine Baxter, age 29, of 14737 S. Cricketwood Drive in Homer Glen was arrested for retail theft after she was observed leaving the store with 41 miscellaneous items with a total value of $366.99. 


10/27   Location:  14000 block of W. Glen Wood Lane

            Summary:  Between 10/24 and 10/26 person/s unknown entered a storage shed and stole a snow blower, two bicycles, and a generator. 


10/29   Location:  17000 block of S. Crystal Lake Drive

            Summary:  Person/s unknown drove an unknown type vehicle in a circular pattern through the front lawn of two separate homes causing several large ruts.


            Location:  14000 block of S. Heathcliff Road

            Summary:  Person/s unknown threw a pumpkin through the rear window of a vehicle causing the window to break. 


            Location:  16000 block of S. Circle Park Court

            Summary:  Person/s unknown completely broke off the driver’s side mirror of a vehicle while it was parked on the street in front of the owners’ home.


10/30   Location:  14000 block of W. Bruce Road

            Summary:  Person/s unknown entered a storage shed and garage and stole a 21” lawnmower and a weed eater.




10/24   Location:  13000 block of S. Petersburg Drive                      Plainfield

            Summary:  Person/s unknown entered an unlocked vehicle and stole a laptop.


            Location:  15833 SE Frontage Road    Urban Acres Nursery            Plainfield

            Summary:  Person/s unknown kicked open entry doors of a building.  A small tool box containing miscellaneous hand tools was missing.


10/25   Location:  14050 S. Budler Road                   Plainfield                     Lakewood Falls Elem. School

            Summary:  Principal stated that the school children had recently planted dwarf pear trees around the playground area.  Between 10/21 and this date, person/s unknown stole one tree.


10/27   Location:  S. Lakeside Drive and W. Lakewood Falls Drive             Plainfield

            Summary:  Jamie D. Perez, age 30, of 20955 W. Ardmore Circle in Plainfield was arrested for possession of cannabis under 30 grams, obstructing a police officer, disobeying a stop sign and driving while license expired. 


            Location:  10000 block of Wentworth Drive             Wheatland

            Summary:  Person/s unknown stole a men’s gold bracelet from a residence.




10/25   Location:  Algonquin and Copperfield

            Summary:  Nathan Phillips, age 44, of 914 Parkwood Drive in Joliet was cited for driving while license suspended, no rear plate light, and no insurance.  Phillips was also held on an active Will County warrant.


            Location:  -100 block of NE Circle Drive

            Summary:  Person/s unknown flatted the tires and ‘keyed’ the front and rear of three vehicles during the evening hours.


            Location:  400 block of Hillside

            Summary:  Person/s unknown used a blunt object to cause damage to a plastic mail box.


            Location:  100 block of SE Circle Drive

            Summary:  Francisco Xavier Rosas, age 17, of 308 N. Eastern Avenue in Joliet was arrested for residential burglary, unlawful use of a weapon, no valid driver’s license, failure to yield at intersection, and no FOID card.  Victim stated that while working down the street from his residence he was informed by a neighbor that they observed a suspicious white van in the area and two unknown persons running from behind the residence.  Deputies were given a description of the van and upon making a traffic stop found a multi colored jar containing about $25 in it.  The victim positively identified the jar as his and stated his house had been totally ransacked.  Rosas was the only individual in the van at the time of the arrest.


            Location:  W. Laraway and Rt. 53

            Summary:  Richard L. Dean, age 29, of 401 N. Bluff in Joliet was arrested for possession of cannabis under 30 grams with intent to deliver.


10/26   Location:  S. Briggs and I80

            Summary:  Ericka Harrell, age 37, of 1 NE Circle Drive in Joliet was arrested for DUI, DUI over the legal limit, illegal transportation of alcohol, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, and speeding.


            Location:  17000 block of W. Breen Road

            Summary:  Between 10/19 and this date person/s unknown damaged a mailbox and a basement window on a home that was being renovated.




            Location:  400 block of Leach Avenue

            Summary:  Victim stated that while she was unloading groceries into her residence her daughter observed two black males wearing all black clothing with their hoods pulled over their heads walk up to the open vehicle door, grab the mother’s purse, and take off running.  Identification cards, $240, and medication were inside the purse.


            Location:  I80 and Richards

            Summary:  Ranell L. Duncan, age 40, of 417 Maude Avenue in Joliet was cited for operating an uninsured motor vehicle and driving while license revoked.


            Location:  Longwood and Tamarack

            Summary:  Tyrone L. Portis, age 28, of 112 SE Circle Drive in Joliet was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and failure to signal.


10/27   Location:  S. Briggs and Carey

            Summary:  Anthony F. Kocielko, age 54, of 1047 Anderson Avenue in Joliet was arrested for DUI, speeding, and operating an uninsured motor vehicle. 


            Location:  Cherry Hill and I80

            Summary:  Between 9/27 and 10/27 person/s unknown damaged approximately 1.5 acres of harvested corn with an unknown type vehicle.


            Location:  1 Genstar Lane                  Seeler Industries

            Summary:  Employee of Thermal Chicago stated that the company had a rental agreement and paid to store three chillers at the site.  On or about 8/6/11 he discovered the chiller machines had been removed from the area.  Combined loss value $180,000.


            Location:  Black Rd. and N. Larkin

            Summary:  Ruben J. Miranda, age 31, of 504 Kungs Way in Joliet was arrested for DUI, improper lane usage, speeding, and no seat belts.


10/28   Location:  14 W. Jefferson Street                   Will County Courthouse

            Summary:  Johnnie Brown, age 45, of 7040 S. Normal in Chicago was arrested for fraud after a court drug tester observed Brown using a device known as a ‘wizinator’ to dispense urine for testing.


            Location:  22661 S. Frontage Road East        Channahon      Don’s Automotive

            Summary:  Person/s unknown entered into a fenced lot and threw three large rocks at a 1997 Ford causing three windows to be broken.


10/29   Location:  Mills Road and Rowell

            Summary:  Enrique G. Diaz, age 46, of 1030 Rowell Avenue in Joliet was arrested for DUI, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, no safety belts, and improper lane usage.


10/30   Location:  S. Briggs and Washington

            Summary:  Michael W. Nestleroad, age 28, of 503 Irene in Joliet was arrested for DUI, DUI over the legal limit and disobeying a traffic control device.


            Location:  S. Briggs and E. Washington

            Summary:  Matthew F. Skwarczek III, age 22, of 16561 W. Apache Drive in Lockport was arrested for DUI, DUI over the legal limit, and illegal squealing of tires.



            Location:  Algonquin and E. Cass

            Summary:  Juan F. Muniz, age 18, of 413 Willow Avenue in Joliet was charged with criminal damage to property.





10/27   Location:  10000 block of W. Steger Road                Frankfort

            Summary:  Person/s unknown entered an unlocked barn and stole a pressure washer, chain saw, pump, cordless drill, hammer drill, impact wrench, and a mitre saw.


10/28   Location:  10000 block of W. Steger Road                Frankfort

            Summary:  Nathan P. Taylor, age 27, of 7820 W. Eagle Lake Road in Peotone was arrested for too fast for conditions and DUI.




10/24   Location:  6000 block of W. Eagle Lake Road                      Peotone

            Summary:  Person/s unknown broke into a residence.  It was unknown at time of report what was stolen.


10/25   Location:  24000 block of W. Lake Point Drive                    Wilmington

            Summary: Person/s unknown used an unknown object to put numerous scratches on the outside of an Airstream Classic mobile home.


Location:  S. Rt. 53 and W. Sharp Road                    Jackson

            Summary:  Akenia Sharee Lyles, age 27, of 510 Grant Avenue in Joliet was cited for driving while license suspended.


10/28   Location:  S. Rt. 53 and W. Walter Strawn Drive                  Elwood

            Summary:  Rachelle M. Branner, age 26, of 329 Bruce Road in Lockport was arrested for DUI, DUI over the legal limit, no valid registration and no valid driver’s license.


10/29   Location:  700 block of E. Mary Lane                        Godley

            Summary:  Shelly L. Miller, age 43, of 731 E. Mary Lane in Godley was arrested for DUI, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of a property damage accident after she struck four mailboxes, drove thru a lawn, and then pulled into her driveway.


10/30   Location:  3195 E. Division                Diamond Shell Gas

            Summary:   Person/s unknown pumped $43 worth of gasoline into their vehicle and drove off without paying.


10/31   Location:  25000 block of S. Chicago Road              Elwood

            Summary:  Three John Deere 8335R tractors were found to be damaged with two of them having the side doors pulled away from their frames and one with a window broken out.  The tractors were parked next to each other and the owners had used them the previous day.




10/25   Location:  E. Burville Rd. and E. Exchange              Crete

            Summary:  Gina Geissler, age 35, of 13005 S. Houston Avenue in Chicago and Kevin H. Nolan, age 40, of 11308 W. 126th Avenue in Cedar Lake, IN were both charged with following too closely after a three vehicle collision occurred when a vehicle stopped for a highway worker with a stop sign and Geissler and Nolan were unable to stop in time before striking each other.


10/26   Location:  9700 block of W. Pauling Road                Monee

            Summary:  Person/s unknown stole a 2001 Polaris ATV that was for sale and secured to a tree at the end of the owners driveway.


            Location:  3300 block of E. Exchange                       Crete

            Summary:  Deputies responded to a property around midnight where the owner stated that he was advised by a neighbor that his garage door was open.  The owner discovered the padlock had been pried off and then observed a late model maroon Chevy Tahoe backing out of his driveway.  The owner followed the Tahoe east to Indiana and was able to get the license number.   An unknown amount of copper piping was missing from the garage.


10/28   Location:  E. Bemes Road and S. Klemme Road                  Crete

            Summary:  Person/s unknown went into a farm field and broke the mirrors and headlights on a tractor.  Offender/s also uncovered a load of beans which then received frost on them in the overnight hours.


            Location:  W. Exchange and S. Western                    University Park

            Summary:  Armani Sprattlin, age 22, of 747 Red Oak Lane in University Park was cited for no valid driver’s license and parking in a designated handicapped parking spot.  Sprattlin was held on two active warrants.


10/30   Location:  S. Cicero and W. Steger                Richton Park

            Summary:  John E. Hoskins, age 30, of 2123 215th Place in Sauk Village was cited for operating an uninsured motor vehicle, no valid driver’s license and suspended registration.




10/25   Location:  15056 S. Independence Blvd.                   Best Buy Auto Brokers

            Summary:  Person/s unknown removed and damaged a window air conditioner in order to gain entry into the business.  A garage window was also broken but entry was not made.  Nothing appeared to be missing.


10/27   Location:  20634 Gaskin Drive                       International Titanium Powder

            Summary:  Employee stated while reviewing surveillance video he observed a male white subject, driving a GMC or Chevy pickup truck, enter the parking lot and park near a storage container.  The subject was then observed leaving over an hour later.  Stolen were an 8’x5” steel pipe and eight steel flanges.


10/30   Location:  1200 block of W. 151st Street

            Summary:  Joshua A. Brecheen-Wisek, age 17, of 1061 Ashley Court in Lockport was arrested for residential burglary and possession of a controlled substance, after he and another individual were identified as possible suspects and upon an investigation and interviews by Sheriff’s detectives Wisek was arrested.   Under investigation. 


10/30   Location:  Riley and S. State

            Summary:  Oscar Salgado, age 28, of 4724 Burma Road in McFarland, WI was cited for no valid driver’s license, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, and operating a vehicle while registration suspended.






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