WCSO Police Blotter Week of June 8 thru 15

By kathy hoffmeyer - Tuesday, June 16, 2009









            Location:  100 block of Fairmont

            Summary:  Joanna V. Sterrett, age 30, of 103 Wesleyan in Lockport was arrested for domestic battery and had an active Will County FTA warrant.



            Location:  13000 block of S. Bristlecone Drive

            Summary:  A 70-year-old female victim received a call from a male subject who claimed to be her grandson.  He stated that he had been arrested in Ottawa Canada for a marijuana possession charge and needed $2,840 to get out of jail.  He then gave the victim instructions to wire the money Western Union and would call back for a tracking number.  The victim followed her fictitious grandson’s instructions and received a call from a man who identified himself as an employee of the Shaw Bridge jail in Canada and asked for the tracking number.  After a few hours, when the victim did not hear from her grandson, she called the Ottawa police and was advised that she had been defrauded. 



            Location:  700 block of N. State

            Summary:  Person/s unknown stole an electric acoustic guitar and guitar case from a garage.


            Location:  2100 block of Arthur Avenue

            Summary:  Person/s unknown smashed out a window on a vehicle and stole a GPS unit.



            Location:  200 block of West Oak Avenue

            Summary:  Tierra R. Moore, age 21, of 923 Lois Place in Joliet was arrested for criminal damage to property.



            Location:  18000 block of S. Briggs

            Summary:  Cab driver for Yellow Cab stated he picked up two unknown male whites in Chicago to transport them to the 500 block of Briggs Street.  When the cabby was advised by the two passengers to stop at Oak and Briggs they jumped out of the cab and took off running into a field.  The cab driver was out a $106 fare.  Deputies are retrieving video cameras inside the cab.


East Townships



            Location:  Indiana and Yates         Washington

            Summary:  Jesse K. Flintz, age 24, of 20860 Yates in Beecher was cited for driving while license revoked and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.



            Location:  Bemes Rd. and Stoney Island          Crete

            Summary:  Leonard P. Kazmierczak, age 30, of 56223 107th Avenue in Chicago Ridge was arrested for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, DUI and DUI over the legal limit.



            Location:  Landau Rd. and Western Ave.         Monee

            Summary:  Ernestine Harper, age 29, of 532 W. 16th Place in Chicago Heights was arrested for possession of cannabis with intent to deliver, driving while license suspended and obstruction of justice.


             Location:  1500 block of Exchange             Crete

            Summary:  Eric P. Stover, age 48, of 2820 Western Ave. in Park Forest was arrested for driving while license suspended, driving on a suspended registration, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, obstructing a police officer and aggravated assault.



            Location:  Highland and Pauling          Monee

            Summary:  Deputies were called regarding a vehicle that was overturned along the road.  When arriving on the scene it was observed that the vehicle was unoccupied.  A few minutes later the owner of the vehicle walked up and informed police that a deer ran out in front of him, and not having a cell phone, he walked home to call police. 



            Location:  Knacke and Old Monee         Crete

            Summary:  Michael W. Hawkins, age 31, of 15306 Gougar Road in Homer Glen was charged with interfering with the reporting of domestic violence.


South Townships



            Location:  26000 block of Schoolhouse Road         Manhattan

            Summary:  Owner of a residence that is being rehabbed observed that person/s unknown gained entry by breaking a window and ransacked the property.  Paperwork was the only thing in the home and it was unclear if any was missing.



            Location:  23000 block of W. Coal City Road          Wilmington

            Summary:  Christopher L. Boyd, age 19, of 1170 Laura Lane in Coal City was arrested for criminal damage to property after witnesses saw him jump out of a vehicle and begin causing damage to a mailbox and light pole.  Estimated damage: $400.  Boyd was later picked up and stated that he had the wrong house and meant to cause damage to his girlfriend’s house. 


PLAINFIELD          DUPAGE               WHEATLAND



            Location:  21000 block of Ives Court                    Plainfield

            Summary:  Victim observed three male white subjects enter his unlocked vehicle and remove a pack of cigarettes.  There were two other male’s going thru a second vehicle that was parked in the street.  Nothing was taken.


            Location:  Sheri  Drive       Wheatland

            Summary:  Person/s unknown used a sharp object to scratch both sides and the roof of a vehicle.


            Location:  21000 block of Jennings Court            Plainfield

            Summary:  A neighbor found three credit cards lying in his front yard.  Once the victim was traced down she stated that person/s unknown had entered her unlocked vehicle and stole her wallet. Three different cards were still missing and $40 cash.


            Location:  23156 Joyce Lane            Wheatland

            Summary:  Gerald M. Lichter, age 51, of this address, was arrested for domestic battery.



            Location:  14050 S. Budler Road       Plainfield        Lakewood Falls Elementary

            Summary:  Person/s unknown placed a red plastic bottle about 3” in diameter at the north side double doors.  The bottle contained about 25 sparkler type fireworks that had been lit and left burn marks on the doors.  The offenders also spray painted graffiti on a nearby brick wall.



            Location:  Rt. 53 and Airport           DuPage

            Summary:  John C. Andy, age 37, of 226 E. 10th Street in Lockport was arrested for possession of cannabis over 30 grams and possession of drug equipment.   Total weight of recovered cannabis was 75 grams.


            Location:  21000 block of Halifax Drive        Plainfield

            Summary:  Person/s unknown cut a screen in a window of a residence.  It does not appear that the offender gained entry into the home.  Nothing was missing.


            Location:  11000 block of Highland Drive        Wheatland

            Summary:  Person/s unknown shattered the rear window of a vehicle.



            Location:  Washington Court        Plainfield

            Summary:  Person/s unknown entered a basement door and stole an X-box gaming system, DVD player and black travel bag containing diabetic medication.



            Location:  Rt. 30 and SW Frontage Road               Plainfield

            Summary:  Shane D. Beverly, age 34, of 1856 Asbury Court in Joliet was arrested for disobeying a traffic control device, DUI and DUI over the legal limit.





            Location:  2413 Laraway Road            Green Glen Garden Center

            Summary:  Employee stated person/s unknown stole a concrete garden chair, two concrete coffee chairs and a concrete coffee table.  Value:  $620


            Location:  600 block of Cayuga

            Summary:  Person/s unknown damaged the side window and entered a vehicle.  Stolen was a stereo system.



            Location:  Briggs and Washington

            Summary:  Jeremy Little, age 20, of 423 Algonquin in Joliet was arrested for speeding, two citations for disobeying a stop sign, aggravated fleeing/eluding police, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, driving while license suspended, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, DUI and DUI over the legal limit.



            Location:  2400 block of Black Rd.

            Summary:  Person/s unknown busted out the headlights and taillights of a vehicle.


            Location:  10 E. Zarley Blvd.

            Summary:  Antoine Collins, age 43, of 1116 Heron Circle in Joliet was arrested for domestic battery.


            Location:  Mills Rd. and Rowell Ave.

            Summary:  Timothy L. Hinton, age 22, of 329 Oak in Lockport was arrested for obstructing a peace officer and had an active FTA warrant.



            Location:  Cass and Henderson

            Summary:  Russell M. Corpolongo, age 51, of 1020 Estancia Lane in Algonquin was arrested for driving without headlights, unsafe tires, DUI and DUI over the legal limit.


            Location:  400 block of Champlain

            Summary:  A 46-year-old male stated to deputies that at 6:30 p.m. he asked someone for a ride and the next thing he knew he was being battered by the subject.  The victim was hesitant in providing any further information.  He was transported to Silver Cross Hospital.  Condition unknown.


            Location:  300 block of Briggs

            Summary:  Monged A. Kattom, age 19, of 22359 White Birch Lane in Joliet was arrested for disobeying a stop sign, two counts of improper lane usage, DUI and driving while license suspended.  He also had an active FTA warrant.


            Location:  Fox Meadow Drive and Gaylor Road

            Summary:  Tyren L. Hutchinson, age 20, of 11364 Preakness Drive in Plainfield was cited for driving while license suspended and no rear plate light.



            Location:  Briggs and Washington

            Summary:  Darnell M. Sims, age 32, of 303 Dellwood in Lockport was arrested for speeding, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, no valid driver’s license, obstructing a police officer and had an active warrant.


            Location:  1800 block of Washington

            Summary:  Cenobio Gutierrez, age 26, of 3533 Woodside Court in Joliet was arrested for improper backing, operating without lights when required, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, DUI and DUI over the legal limit.  Gutierrez was observed by deputies at about 4:57 a.m. operating a 1990 Sierra pickup in reverse eastbound on Washington St.  He was in both lanes of traffic without any headlights or taillights on.  He traveled approximately 75 feet before deputies were able to stop him.



            Location:  Rt. 6 and Briggs

            Summary:  Juanita I. Garcia, age 47, of 1711 Maple Road in Joliet was arrested for operating an uninsured motor vehicle, improper lane usage and DUI. 


            Location:  Briggs and Washington

            Summary:  Marcus J. Garner, age 25, of 1312 Elgin in Joliet was arrested for speeding, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, driving while license revoked, possession of a controlled substance and aggravated DUI. 


Frankfort and New Lenox



            Location:  20000 block of Frankfort Square       Frankfort

            Summary:  Person/s unknown damaged the side fender and ripped off the side mirror on a vehicle.  The offenders then put the mirror on the front steps of the residence and rang the doorbell about five times before taking off.



            Location:  2505 E. Washington        New Lenox           

            Summary:  Employee of Trinity Services stated that person/s unknown removed the air conditioning unit from the wall and entered the office building.  Initial inventory revealed the offender/s stole four computers and two LED projectors.  Also, in the parking lot, three Pace buses had their side windows broken out and it appeared that the offenders tried to siphon the gas out of a gas tank.  The power, cable service and alarm wires had all been cut.



            Location:  800 block of Spencer          New Lenox

            Summary:  A victim negotiated a deal on Craig’s List for the sale of a vehicle for $2600.  On 6/2 she received a cashier’s check via FedEx for $4,300 from the man she was to sell her car to.  The victim cashed the check and was then contacted by the buyer who informed her that he realized he sent too much money and requested the victim send him the balance.  The victim told the buyer that once the check cleared, and he came to pick up the car, she would give him the overpayment amount.  On 6/10 the bank informed the victim that she was overdrawn $4300 because the cashier’s check was fraudulent.   Under investigation.



            Location:  19000 block of Walnut      Frankfort

            Summary:  Giovanni Sarcinelli, age 19, of 19608 Redwood in Mokena was cited for no valid driver’s license and failure to give information after striking a vehicle. 



            Location:  80th and Lincoln Highway       Frankfort

            Summary:  Tallie J. Dillard, age 36, of 1417 Fairmont Avenue in Joliet was cited for failure to signal and driving with revoked license.


Homer Glen



            Location:  14423 Pheasant Lane          Goreham Park

            Summary:  Person/s unknown spray-painted red graffiti on the playground equipment.  Damage value:  $500



            Location:  14130 S. Churchill Drive

            Summary:  Jimmy T. Roberson, age 33, of this address, was arrested for domestic battery.



            Location:  15000 block of 151st St.

            Summary:  Person/s unknown shattered the front storm door of a residence.



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