WCSO Police Blotter Week of March 16 thru 23

By kathy hoffmeyer - Tuesday, March 24, 2009










            Location:  14200 S. Bell Road         Dominicks

            Summary:  Antanina Raspanti, age 18, of 17205 S. Pueblo Court in Lockport was arrested for retail theft after she was seen on closed circuit camera attempting to steal a bottle of Smirnoff.


            Location:  14000 block of Golden Oak

            Summary:  At 4:50 p.m. at Lockport High School bus was transporting eight students home after a school event when the driver was informed by the students that something struck the window.  Upon investigating the situation the driver observed a small hole in the side window, near the rear of the bus.  It appeared to be caused from a small pellet or BB gun.  No one was injured in the incident.



            Location:  16621 W. 145th Place

            Summary:  Joseph J. Stack, age 34, of this address, was arrested for domestic battery.


            Location:  167th and Parker Rd.

            Summary:  Ludwig Harvey Skog, age 38, of 5508 E. 600 North, Valparaiso, IN was cited for driving while license suspended and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.  Skogs also was held on a FTA warrant out of Oakbrook.



            Location:  15000 block of Scott Drive

            Summary:  Person/s unknown painted a letter “M” on the rear door of a van and also sprayed mustard on the door.


            Location:  16000 block of McKenzie

            Summary:  Person/s unknown painted graffiti on a vehicle, along with mustard.





            Location:  200 block of Fairmont

            Summary:  On 3/16/09, person/s unknown kicked the side door panel in on a vehicle.  On 3/18, person/s unknown threw a dozen eggs at the same vehicle.



            Location:  1000 block of Thornton

            Summary:  Victim reported someone stole several pieces of her jewelry.  A suspect is being investigated.




            Location:  200 block of Rev. Walton Drive

            Summary:  A teacher from Joliet Township High School reported that the Habitat for Humanity home that is being built with the assistance of his students had a break in during the overnight hours.

Stolen were an air compressor, all copper piping, three halogen lights and wood trim.



            Location:  400 block of Dellwood

            Summary:  Danielle Cook, age 18, of 1309 Pawnee Street in Joliet was arrested for criminal damage to property after Cook was observed striking a vehicle with an object and jumping on the hood.





            Location:  80th and Ryeland         Frankfort

            Summary:  Daniel L. Bobb, age 31, of 11615 E. Dearson in Momence was cited for operating an uninsured motor vehicle and driving on a suspended license. 


            Location:  Francis, at Marley     new Lenox

            Summary:  Duane M. Lilly, age 52, of 401 Jessie Avenue in Joliet was arrested for DUI, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, too fast for conditions and improper lane usage, after he struck another vehicle head on.  The driver of the other vehicle was taken to Silver Cross for non-life threatening injuries.


            Location:  700 E. Lincoln Highway       New Lenox

            Summary:  Michael Broyles, age 24, of this address, was arrested for domestic battery.



            Location:  22000 block of Spencer Road        New Lenox

            Summary:  Victim stated that he was on Auto Trader website looking for a vehicle to purchase.  He settled for a 1996 Riviera, which belonged to a man from Pensacola, FL.  The victim sent $2300.00 per money gram to Florida and never received a confirmation.  Contacting Auto Trader management he was advised that the vehicle picture was fictitious and that it was a scam.   Under investigation.



            Location:  Harlem and Rt. 30          

            Summary:  Thomas L. Canaday, age 32, of 9630 S. Halsted in Chicago was arrested for possession of cannabis under 30 grams.



            Location:  20655 Burl Court         New Lenox       RTI

            Summary:    Treasurer for RTI reported that a former employee wrote at least five fraudulent checks to herself totaling over $13,000.    Under investigation.


            Location:  19000 block of S. Skye Drive         Frankfort

            Summary:  Victim stated that she visited the unemployment office in Joliet and was informed by personnel that another person was using her social security number.  Under investigation.


            Location:  221 Haines Avenue          New Lenox

            Summary:  George C. Sepsis, age 26, of this address was arrested for domestic battery.



            Location:  800 block of Prairie          New Lenox

            Summary:  Person/s unknown entered a detached garage and stole numerous tools, a mini refrigerator and a police scanner.


            Location:  20654 Burl Court          New Lenox            Knights Complete Printing

            Summary:  Owner stated person/s unknown stole two heavy link chains, four chain binders, two forklift style propane tanks, two 20-ton gantry legs, one I-beam and two 98” forks, from a flatbed style semi trailer.


            Location:  100 block of Barbara Lane          New Lenox

            Summary:  Person/s unknown smashed the back window of a vehicle.



            Location:  Benton and Harlem       Frankfort

            Summary:  Clarence Harris, age 32, of 57 E. 83rd St. in Chicago, was arrested for driving while license revoked.





            Location:  111 Patterson Road           The Cellar

            Summary:  Karla m. Mercado, age 26, of 24 W. Meagan Lane in Lemont was arrested for battery.


            Location:  500 block of Harwood

            Summary:  Raymond E. Swan, Jr., age 63, of 2410 Old Canal in Lockport was arrested for battery.


            Location:  1900 block of 3rd Avenue

            Summary:  Around 5am victims heard loud noises outside.  Upon observation they discovered the rear and front windshields on their vehicle was smashed out by a cinder block.



            Location:  600 block of Timberline

            Summary:  Eric S. Bartow, age 51, of 3300 Indianwood in Joliet was arrested for operating an uninsured motor vehicle, driving while license revoked, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident and operating an ATV on public roadway, after Bartow struck a parked car on the side of the road.


            Location:  24000 block of Frontage Road East        Channahon

            Summary:  Person/s unknown cut the steel link padlock that secured a metal gate entrance to a driveway.  The offender/s then kicked in the door to a detached garage and stole a 1958 Minneapolis Moline tractor.  It appeared to have been driven out of the garage.


            Location:  2100 block of Home

            Summary:  Victim stated while sitting in her vehicle in her driveway, an acquaintance approached and threw a rock, causing the window near her to shatter.  The victim was not injured.


            Location:  527 Ontario

            Summary:  George Adams, age 65, of this address, was arrested for domestic battery.



            Location:  Essington and Twin Oaks

            Summary:  Tristen A. Brass, age 18, of 501 N. Chicago St. in Joliet, was cited for driving on a suspended license and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.



            Location:  100 block of Jessie

            Summary:  Person/s unknown entered a residence and stole a 42” plasma TV, DVD player, Xbox gaming system, 20” TV, camera, piece of jewelry and a computer.


            Location:  Jefferson and River Rd.        Shorewood

            Summary:  Michael Brent Marion, age 35, of 14818 S. Hawthorn Circle in Plainfield was cited for driving while license suspended and also had an active warrant out of Kane County.


            Location:  3501 Channahon Road         Sara’s Place

            Summary:  Victim stated that an individual attacked him in the bathroom, causing his nose to be broken in two places.  The bouncer threw the offender out of the bar.  Under investigation.


            Location:  Briggs and Cass

            Summary:  Ronald Mitchell Bass, age 32, of 817 Julia in Joliet was arrested for DUI, failure to signal and disobeying a traffic control device.



            Location:  100 block of Edison Rd.

            Summary:  person/s unknown entered a residence and stole a 52” TV, a WII gaming system and a laptop computer.


            Location:  Cass and Briggs

            Summary:  Sandra P. Mendez, age 21, of 3417 Harms Road in Joliet was arrested for DUI, DUI over the legal limit, operating an uninsured motor vehicle and speeding.



            Location:  200 block of Barr Elms Avenue

            Summary:  Darrell J. Riley, age 23, of 217 Barr Elms Avenue in Joliet was arrested for aggravated battery after he stabbed a man in the abdomen.  The stabbed victim was treated at the scene by E. Joliet Fire but refused transportation to the hospital. 


            Location:  Briggs and Sterling

            Summary:  Janis M. Olson, age 43, of 17606 S. Gilbert in Lockport was arrested for DUI, no valid registration, operating an uninsured motor vehicle and speeding.





Location:  13000 block of Jonesport Circle         Plainfield

            Summary:     Person/s unknown stole a GPS unit from a vehicle.


            Location:  700 block of Leverenz      Wheatland

            Summary:  Person/s unknown attempted to break into a detached garage by climbing thru a window but was unsuccessful.



            Location:  22000 block of Plymouth Circle        Plainfield

            Summary:  Person/s unknown entered a residence and stole a laptop computer and a Playstation gaming system.


            Location:  23000 block of Rolf Rd.        Plainfield

            Summary:  Victim realized person/s unknown had made four fraudulent charges to her debit card/checking account.


            Location:  2418 Emlong           Plainfield          

            Summary:  Lee Ryan Laturell, age 22, of this address, was arrested for domestic battery.



            Location:  2421 Westline Drive          Plainfield

            Summary:  Doneta J. Snyder, age 43, of this address was arrested for domestic battery.


            Location:  22000 block of Lorraine Avenue          Plainfield

            Summary:  Andrzej E. Szary, age 24, of 22864 Charlotte Road in Plainfield was arrested for aggravated assault and criminal damage to property.





            Location:  907 E. Burville Rd.      Crete

            Summary:  Cynthia M. Velzquez, age 27, of this address was arrested for domestic battery.


            Location:  2100 block of Steger Rd.       Crete

            Summary:  Person/s unknown broke into a residence and stole a TV and laptop computer.



            Location:  Hickok and Western       University Park

            Summary:  Anthony C. Allen, age 51, of 1222 Harvest Lane in University Park was cited for improper use of registration. 



            Location:  25000 block of Pinewood Lane        Monee

            Summary:  Person/s unknown entered a residence by breaking the garage service door and breaking in the inside door.  Stolen were a digital camera, flat screen TV, laptop computer, and miscellaneous jewelry.  A witness saw an older white Blazer driving suspicious around the neighborhood earlier in the day.

No Reports this week.


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